5k in 5 Weeks Plan compliments of  Fitness on the Run.

Week 1

Training Schedule - Week 1

Week 2

Training Schedule - Week 2

Week 3

Training Schedule - Week 3

Week 4

Training Schedule - Week 4

Week 5

Training Schedule - Week 5


Strength Training

Strength training is important for everyone – from professional athletes to people recovering from injuries and everyone in-between. And, even more for runners.

We want to get you ready for your race or just the race of life. We offer specialty groups, classes and 1-on-1 training taught by a national champion runner, Dominika Cihanova.

Working on your strength, mobility and flexibility allows you to be as strong and efficient as you can be – even more so as a runner.

In our workshop series, you will learn:
• Why strength training is an important part of endurance training
• How to prevent injuries
• Why your core really matters
• Why the plank is so important for running

To get started, contact us at and get more details on pricing here.


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