About the Helping Hands Relief Foundation


All proceeds from Run! Geek! Run! will go directly to support the Alexandria Firefighters Helping Hands Relief Foundation. The Helping Hands Relief Foundation was developed to assist the members of the Alexandria Firefighters in the event of an unforeseen catastrophic event. Their mission is to provide timely financial assistance to the members and their immediate families who incur a qualifying undue hardship.

Firefighters and Paramedics are in the business of helping others. They are dedicated to always being there to lend a helping hand whenever community members are faced with a crisis. They dedicate themselves to those that live, work and visit the Metropolitan region. However, they are not immune to hardship themselves. The typical Firefighter/Medic personality trait is one that rarely every asks for assistance for themselves.

Firefighters and Paramedics are subject to crisis and hardship in their own lives. The Members of the Alexandria Firefighters realize this, and have established a program to assist fellow firefighters and paramedics in times of dire need. The Helping Hands Relief Foundation was established in 1999, when a fellow coworker was faced with a debilitating medical crisis. The members came together to assist the family. Fellow firefighters and paramedics donated time and money; they provided everything from food, lodging and clothing to transportation for the coworker and their family. It was during this experience that the members realized the need for a fund to support similar future situations. Over the years, the fund has grown. An oversight board, consisting of fellow firefighters and community members, has been established to oversee distribution of the funds. Examples of involvement have included when there have been member hospitalizations, critical illnesses of member’s children, and family support after a line of duty death, and when homes were lost in fires. The Helping Hands Relief Foundation offers immediate financial support, often not available thru insurance or other assistance programs.

Contact Information:
Alexandria Firefighters, Inc. IAFF
4600 Duke Street, Suite 429
Alexandria, VA 22304

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